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Best dressed at prom? easy

Searching for the perfect fit?  We've got you covered!

The shopping experience is made easy and simple here at Little Lolls - but if you're not sure where to start then check out the timeline below for exactly how it works with us

what's trending for 2024?



corset bodice

mesh back

soft satin



In order to visit us, you will need to book an appointment.

This secures your 1:1 advisor for the duration of your stay with us.

Our appointments last for 2 hours, which includes time to browse the store and try on your selected items. Each is for 1 person to try and you will need a parent/guardian present over 18.


On the day of your appointment, it is usually helpful to bring a hairband/clip, shoes a similar height to which you plan on wearing on prom day, minimal makeup, strapless bra and a phone with plenty of charge for pictures.

Upon arrival, your adviser will great you at the front desk and explain the shop layout, you will then be given a rail to which you can select the dresses you would like to try. 


Your advisor will work alongside you and your audience to help with your selections. In some cases, our advisors will go back to the shop floor and select dresses they think you may have missed. They will help you fasten the dresses and open the curtians for your audience. Your audience will be offered free tea and coffee during your visit and get the chance to use our "yes and no" paddles whilst taking a seat on our comfy sofas.

"the one"

OMG! You've found the one!

Our advisors will go over colour options and size measurements with you to ensure your orders are correct and you will receive a copy of your order in your receipt file.

A non-refundable deposit is placed to secure the style from your school as part of our Prom Promise (Only one style will go to each school regardless of colour) The deposit amount varies per item and will be deducted from your final bill.

our part

From now, we will send off your specific requirements to get made from each one of our amazing designers. All you have to do now this think about accessories!

We will notify you upon the arrival of your dress via email and you will be able to collect it from the store.

Dress order times vary greatly - we will keep you updated on any relevant changes throughout this time

Each purchase will come with a Little Lolls PEVA dress bag to protect it.

prom planning

There is still so much to plan! Download our prom guide below to access all our tips and tricks for the best day possible

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