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No doubt you have been looking at photos of dresses online for MONTHS before your appointment - Doesn't everyone?

However, we think it is so important to note that, without ever trying one on, we don't know what suits you yet.

Due to this, we say, its best to come shopping with an open mind. There are so many silhouettes, styles and colours to choose from, and whilst we will always keep your vision in mind, we would rather you try on one of every style and rule them out than not try styles at all.

Arrive to your appointment with an open mind - this will be an exciting experience and we want you to enjoy it the most you possibly can.

It is important to discuss with your parents/significant other, or any other party who will be contributing to your purchase, your budget before you enter the store. Each of the styles in the store has a price label and it is important to stick within your price range.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable, which is also quick and easy to take off if you plan on trying on dresses.

Minimal makeup is advised, if you like the dress when you are not in full glam, then you will love it even more on the day!

Here are a few more suggestions of what to bring:

- The heels you vision wearing on your prom day, if you haven't bought them yet, bring a heel that has the same heel height as what you will be wearing.

- Face covering (COVID-19 Restrictions)

- Strapless bra

- Photos of dresses you like

- Hairbands 

- A smartphone with charge for photos


We ask currently with COVID-19 restrictions in place you bring no more than 3 people with you to your appointment.


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