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As early as possible!

First things first: in order to have the best selection possible, it’s absolutely vital that you don’t wait until the last minute to go dress shopping. We really can’t overstate the advantages of shopping early.

Designers typically release their new collections in September and they hit stores in the late part of the year, so starting your search during that period of time ensures you have the best possible selection to choose from.

We keep a list here at Little Lolls of which dress has sold to each school, so if you want the most choice you have to get it early/first to have the pick of the bunch.

Some feedback is that people don't think this should be a rule, however we want to make you feel a million dollars - why should someone else wear the same?

Another great advantage of shopping early is if you don't see what you want the first time around? Keep coming back! Stock changes allllllllll the time!

It I also worth knowing that towards the end of the season, us retailers will be selling from warehouse stock only, so you may fall in love with a style which is out of stock in your size/colour for the rest of the season, once it goes, its gone!

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