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1. Prom Ticket

Some, but not all school require you to show proof of ticket purchase upon entry.

It may be a QR code, physical ticket or email it just make sure you have these readily available to show to entrance staff

2. Plasters

This may seem very obvious - but its the one everyone forgets! A night is easily ruined when your feet suffer damage from the shoes you are wearing. Pop a couple of plasters in to save the day. We also recommend lidocaine spray before putting your heels on to make your feet less likely to hurt - especially if they are shoes you are not used to.

3. Cash

You never know where the night may take you, cash is always extremely useful to have in the case of an emergency.

4. Flip Flops/socks

This comes HIGHLY recommended from us, from all of us taking a small pair of these and not regretting it one it. There are plenty of small roll up shoes available online which would be a great addition to your prom bag.

5. Portable charger

Your camera roll will be FULL after about 20 minuets - we highly recommend taking a portable charger for your phone dies. Think of all the pictures you could miss out on. There is also a safety element to this addition. Especially if you are heading out to an afterparty also.

6. Portable phone light

We've all seen them on TikTok! Make sure you and the girls are looking FLAWLESS in those prom snaps with a portable phone light.

7. Eyelash glue and lipgloss

We've all been there! Your eyelash is hanging off in the corner and you've forgotten the glue - NIGHTMARE. Pop a small tube in your bag and a small lipgloss of those mid-night touchups.

8. Feminine products

Always worth having a backup - you might need it but someone else might have forgotten it!

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