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Dressing for your shape can seem daunting - who knows where to start? We do! (Cheating as we have worked here for 11 years now)

We have outlined a few tips (not essentials) which we think aid the choosing of styles wich will enhance all of your gorgeous features to make everyone's jaw drop!

Here our some of our suggestions for particular characteristics - but if your not sure on all the shapes on offer - check this blog post first.

For Full Busts Ladies that have this womanly feature need to remember that support is going to be key for the perfect fit. Be sure that you're choosing formal prom dresses that feature a supportive neckline, like a halter or wide set straps, or opt for a minimizing sleeveless dress that can accommodate a bra. Dresses with corsets that cover the bust are also a good choice.

For Curvy Hips Balance out your curves by choosing a straight or a-line dress with an empire waist. Avoid a lot of detail or attention near your hips and instead choose to play up your bust and lengthen your frame. These styles will make your curves look balanced.

For Plus Size frames Celebrate your body and look stunning on prom night by choosing a gorgeous dress that offers structure, support, and definition where you need it most. Opt for simple designs in rich colors. Avoid patterns, detailing, or bulky layers.

For Slim frames If you're trim or have a small bust, feel free to create curves and play up your graceful shape by going with gowns that feature bold prints, ruching, detailing, or other exciting features.

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