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Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 10am Till 6pm ​

Wednesday - 10am Till 6pm ​

Thursday -10am Till 6pm ​

Friday - 10am Till 6pm ​

Saturday - 10am Till 6pm ​

Sunday - 10am Till 6pm ​

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, you must book a 1-1 appointment with an experienced advisor 


Each under 16 requires their parent/parents to be present for the duration of their appointment.

You are welcome to visit without an appointment to browse - but as we are often fully booked across the weekend we recommend you plan ahead.

All appointments are free of charge and are 1-1 with an experienced advisor to help you throughout your experience.


Our payment plans are there to help you afford your purchase or in the case of prom, purchase it early to avoid anyone else purchasing it before you!

A non-refundable deposit between 25-30% (product value dependant) is required to reserve your dress or allow us to specially order you one in from our various worldwide suppliers. However, if this is still not affordable for you just speak to us and we will help you wherever we can. A payment plan is then discussed, agreed and documented.

We understand how important getting the right dress and feeling special in it is! Due to this we will never sell the same prom dress to any girls of the same school - even in a different colour.
Many other retailers are unable to give this commitment.

However - We cannot guarantee, however, that another individual will not purchase the same dress from another retailer and we cannot be held responsible if this is the case - no retailer can give you this guarantee. In the unlikely event that this did happen we would not be able to refund or exchange your purchase.


All deposits are non-refundable.

The dress size choice is that of our customers. We can give guidance but our staff cannot be held responsible should a dress be too large or too small

- as a result of this, we cannot refund or exchange. We do have a team of seamstresses who can, however, assist with any alterations if they are required.

We have an in-house seamstress who can assist with any alterations that you may require however, these are additional costs. 


Please ensure you inspect your purchase thoroughly before leaving our premises as we cannot refund or exchange an item if you later advise us that there is a problem with it.

Once your deposit is placed and your dress is ordered - you are liable to pay for the dress in all circumstances except when the dress order is cancelled by Little Lolls themselves. (as per the contract signed in-store upon purchase)


We are COVID compliant premises, with a sanitation station upon entry and thorough cleaning processes between clients. All staff wear face coverings at all times whilst on the premises and originate from one household.

To visit us, you must have a pre-booked appointment and no more than 6 members may attend at one time.

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