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You will find the perfect bridesmaids dresses to complement your bridal gown, we stock a wide range of styles for your big day.

We have colour swatches that you can mix and match from and we will guide you on different styles that suit your wedding.

In-store we have over 50 different bridesmaids dresses to choose from. 


We currently stock Bridesmaids dresses in store to try on in sizes 0-22 and they are available to order in sizes 0-30. Prices range from £115-£180 per dress.

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If you want to pay in instalments no problem at all! We can set up a payment plan unique to you

What a stress free shopping experience?

Round up your bridal party and book an exclusive shop hire so you can shop without interference with the guidance of a 1:1 advisor

Adding a glitter belt? Leg split? No problem, whatever your preferences, we are able to customised our styles however you wish

Large bridesmaid party?

We offer exclusive discounts for large orders with us

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If you would like to discuss with an advisor or view a copy of our catalogue, give us a call on 07949225814 and we would be happy to help

If you would like to book an appointment with us please click here

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